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Choose a metal roof for your next commercial roofing project with Certified Commercial Roofing in Houston, Texas. While shingles might be more inexpensive on the front end, you end up spending a significant amount on repairs and replacement. Instead, choose metal roofing installation over shingles. When you invest in a commercial metal roof, you can expect a 50+ year lifespan compared to less than half the lifespan with a shingle roof. Metal roofing offers a sleek and aesthetic commercial roofing option that is environmentally friendly and full of energy savings. Certified Commercial Roofing offers the best warranty in the business for metal roofing installation.

Skip the Shingle Replacement Cycle

An existing shingle roof will require significant maintenance and replacement over the lifespan of the roof. Shingles require frequent replacement, which can become costly, messy, and disruptive for your commercial space. Skip the shingle replacement cycle by investing in a commercial metal roof for your property instead. Metal roofing offers commercial building owners an option that combines curb appeal and a better return on investment than shingles.


Investing in Minimal Maintenance

Invest in metal roofing installation that will require minimal maintenance throughout the lifespan of the roof. Metal roofs offer substantial savings in replacement due to savings in constant replacement and removal of shingles. Metal roofs are designed to withstand the elements and offer impact resistance against wind, hail, and debris damage. Investing in a metal roof offers building owners the option to save on costly repairs and even reduce insurance costs.

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Maximize the Longevity of Metal Roofing

Commercial metal roofing has an average lifespan of 50+ years. The installation process for a commercial metal roof offers a shorter construction timeline than other commercial roofing options like shingle roofs. Metal roofing also offers long-term benefits like reducing energy costs throughout the lifespan of the roof. A commercial metal roof can save building owners an average of 35% of energy costs compared to other roofing options. Save on heating and cooling by investing in this environmentally friendly option that will last for decades.


Certified Commercial Roofing offers metal roofing in a variety of colors and styles to best suit your needs. Metal roofs provide additional energy savings with the high reflectivity of light, bright metal materials. Find out how to mitigate your community’s Urban Heat Island Effect by investing in metal roofing installation with Certified Commercial Roofing. We offer a 15-year warranty on all new roofs, along with roof inspections twice per year free of charge. Learn more about how our local, family-owned business can offer you the best customer service, a free estimate, and more with Certified Commercial Roofing in Houston, Texas.

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