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When considering a new roofing material, there are many options to choose from. Metal roofing is a very sustainable, versatile roofing choice. It’s eco-friendly, durable, long-lasting, lightweight, energy-efficient, and visually appealing. With so many benefits to metal roofing, it’s certainly an option to consider. But one other important factor to consider is the cost of installation.


Size of Roof

The size of the roof being replaced plays a large part in the installation costs. It may even be the biggest factor affecting overall cost. Metal roofing is purchased in pieces, and the more pieces required for a larger roof, the more the cost. Additionally, commercial roofs are usually larger than residential roofs and will require more materials, time, and labor. 

However, if a roof has sustained substantial damage, it could still be more cost-effective to replace the roof than repair it.  


Roof Slope

The slope and pitch of a roof may also affect the overall installation cost. A steeper metal roof could require more careful installation. A roofing contractor could need to take more time to be sure the metal roofing is installed correctly based on the roof slope. Roofs with unique shapes could also require more time and labor costs to install.



Chimneys, skylights, or other penetrations could play a role in roofing installation costs. The more time a contractor has to spend cutting around the penetrations and sealing them properly to avoid leaks, the more roofing installation may cost. It is worth it to invest in an expert roofing contractor who will take their time to be sure the metal roof is installed correctly to prevent leaks or future repairs.


Types of Metal Roofing

Another factor to consider is the type of metal roofing to be installed. There are various types of metal to choose from, such as copper, zinc, galvalume, aluminum, or stainless steel. Bare or painted galvalume tends to be less expensive than other metal roofing materials, but other roofing materials may be stronger or more long-lasting. For example, copper and zinc can develop a patina over time that protects the roof from corrosion.


Many other installation pieces could play a role in the installation cost, painting, seam type, and roofing accessories, to name a few. 


For a free estimate for metal roofing installation, contact Certified Commercial Roofing.


We will take all these things into consideration to give you the best estimate for commercial roofing installation costs.

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