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Certified Commercial Roofing offers inspection, installation, and repairs on TPO roofing. TPO, or thermoplastic polyolefin, has distinct advantages compared to other commercial flat roofing options like asphalt or gravel. Proper installation and effective maintenance extend the lifespan of the TPO roof and help reduce the overall cost of investment in TPO roofing for your commercial property. TPO roofing offers a practical and cost-effective option for your commercial roofing project. The cost of materials, labor, tools, and accessories will factor into the overall price of your TPO roof.

Cost of TPO Materials

The cost of materials for TPO roofing is more affordable and economical than other commercial roofing materials on the market today. Materials for TPO roofing installation are typically priced out based on square footage and the choice of membrane. Thermoplastic membranes provide strength and stability for a commercial roofing installation, the most common of which are PVC, polyvinyl chloride, and TPO, thermoplastic polyolefin. TPO roofing is easily identifiable by its bright white flat roofing, which helps to reflect heat and UV rays away from the building. Investing in TPO roofing materials will provide commercial properties with instant energy savings on both heating and cooling.

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Cost of Roofing Labor

Choose TPO roofing for the additional benefits of quick and easy installation. The installation process can drive up the average cost of labor, but TPO roofing is lightweight and manufactured in wider sheets, making it easier to install. The installation of TPO roofing will typically require less time and work than other commercial roofing installations, which can help you save on the cost of labor. The perks of easy and efficient installation make TPO roofing one of the more popular options for businesses across the country.

Cost-Saving Strategies with TPO Roofing

Certified Commercial Roofing has a team of TPO roofing contractors who provide installation, inspection, and maintenance on all types of TPO roofing systems. When you invest in TPO roofing installation with Certified Commercial Roofing, you will enjoy the best warranty in the business of 15 years for all new roof installations. We also offer free twice-a-year inspections on all new roof installations at Certified Commercial Roofing. Choose TPO roofing for an affordable price without worrying about the quality. A new roof installation is an investment, and TPO roofing offers durability that helps it withstand the elements for decades. Invest in this energy-efficient roofing system and save on heating and cooling costs.


Trust in the experts at Certified Commercial Roofing for a free estimate and on-location pricing with transparency and accuracy. Our team at Certified Commercial Roofing has over 15 years of estimating experience, so you can trust in comparable pricing, quality materials, and factory-trained certified applicators for all commercial roofing installations.

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