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Extending a building's lifespan is important to facility upkeep. Commercial buildings are a substantial investment. The roof plays a crucial part in building upkeep and longevity. Repairing or replacing commercial roofing systems is a must. A reliable and experienced flat roof repair contractor can ensure that commercial roofing systems are able to do their job, helping to extend the life of the roofing system and protect the assets underneath. 


Common Roof Repairs That Contractors Address

Flat roofs require cyclical maintenance at various times throughout the seasons. A contractor experienced in inspecting and maintaining flat roofs will address any problem areas to keep serious damage from incurring. Pooling water and mildew are the most common problems associated with commercial flat roofing systems. Expert commercial contractors will also check flat roofs for cracks, pooling or leaking water, and faulty flashing. Roof repairs are less expensive and most effective when caught early on. Schedule regular roofing maintenance to catch any problems sooner rather than later. 


Flat Roof Replacement

There are several different types of commercial roofing contractors can replace. The type of roof that is right for each commercial building will depend upon each building's unique situation. But whatever roofing system is required, an expert commercial contractor will be able to perform the installation. Built-up roofing has been around for many years and is a reliable roofing system. It is UV resistant and can withstand roof traffic. Its multi-layer system makes it especially durable. Modified bitumen, or tag and gravel roofing systems, are another roofing system option. This type of material doesn't puncture easily, is flexible, energy-efficient, and waterproof. Single-ply roofing is one of the most popular commercial roofing materials on the market and is the most commonly chosen commercial roofing material for roofing replacement. It is lightweight, insulating, energy-efficient, impact-resistant, and able to withstand UV damage. This type of roofing includes systems such as TPO roofing, EDM systems, and PVC roofing. Our experienced commercial contractors have experience with all roofing material types and are able to provide quality work for a polished finished product. 


If you are considering roof replacement, our contractors are highly skilled to provide exceptional commercial roofing installation. Our contractors are licensed and insured, which can provide peace of mind that the job will be done right. You can depend on us for commercial flat roof repair and replacement. Contact Certified Commercial Roofing for more information or to receive a free estimate. 

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