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Certified Commercial Roofing serves East Louisiana and Texas with highly trained and skilled experts along with quality customer service. Our team will provide you with a free estimate and on-location pricing so you can make the best determination for your commercial property. At Certified Commercial Roofing, we offer a wide range of flat roofing options, including concrete flat roofs. Low slope roofs are a popular commercial roofing system across the world, and there are both benefits and drawbacks to concrete flat roofs.


Pros of Concrete Flat Roofing

Consider some of the more notable advantages of concrete flat roofing.



A concrete flat roof can be an advantageous long-term investment due to its durability. Concrete is made up of a combination of sand, cement, and water that dries into a solid and durable material. We see concrete all over, from sidewalks and driveways to bridges and roadways. Concrete has the ability to resist high impact from harsh elements like hailstorms, high winds, and other extreme weather conditions.



Protect your commercial property by investing in a concrete flat roof that is fire resistant. Concrete does not catch fire and can help prevent the spread of fire. In emergency situations, a fire-resistant concrete flat roof offers commercial property owners better peace of mind. Fire-resistant flat roofs are also beneficial in areas where commercial buildings are close together.


Easy Repairs

Invest in a concrete flat roof for low maintenance and easy repairs. When you choose a commercial roofing structure that requires less upkeep, you can spend less time and money on repairs. Concrete flat roofing typically involves lower maintenance, especially compared to some other flat roofing options. However, all repairs and maintenance should always be performed by a professional.

Cons of Concrete Flat Roofing

All commercial roofing options will have their disadvantages, including concrete flat roofing. A concrete flat roof is not waterproof, and while it can protect against the elements, concrete can absorb moisture over time. This could lead to leakage problems and water damage. Surfaces like concrete that retain moisture also make it possible for plant, fungi, and molds to grow. Poor installation or lack of maintenance and repairs can also compromise the integrity of a concrete flat roof.


Whether you are interested in concrete flat roofing or other commercial roofing options, Certified Commercial Roofing is here to help. Request a free estimate, and a roofing contractor with Certified Commercial Roofing will visit your property and offer a transparent and competitive price quote. If a concrete flat roof isn’t the right choice for your commercial property, then Certified Commercial Roofing also offers quality installation and repairs on metal and cool roofs, TPO roofing, and modified bitumen roofing. Contact us to learn more about all your options for a commercial roofing system with Certified Commercial Roofing.

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