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Commercial Metal Roofing Repair

The durability and defined look of a metal roof make it a popular choice for commercial buildings. But just like any other roofing material, metal roofing can require repairs. In order to see long-term performance for building protection, it is important that metal roofing is maintained to avoid any potential large and costly problems. 

However, making regular metal roofing repairs can be effective in the long term. Be aware of these common metal roofing repairs.


Roofing Leaks

One of the most common problems with any roof is leaking. Water can and will find its way into the smallest of places and create big issues. For metal roofing material, leaks are often caused by weather, such as ice freezing and melting quickly. Leaking could also occur because the metal roofing wasn’t installed properly to begin with. The roof flashing, which stops moisture from seeping into the joints of the roof, could also be faulty. When leaking occurs, it’s important to act quickly to correct the problem before incurring further damage.


Stress Wrinkles

Metal roofing material may begin to appear wrinkled or wavy in some places. This is likely an oil canning issue and is one of the most common metal roofing problems. Oil canning occurs when not enough room is left during installation for the metal roof to expand and contract. This issue may require that a thicker metal roof be installed. During the new installation process, experienced contractors at Certified Commercial Roofing can use rib rollers to minimize oil canning.


Scuffing or Scratches

Over time, normal wear and tear may take its toll on metal roofing. Roofing can begin to fade or appear scuffed. This is a common issue that sometimes warranties will cover. Scratches or scuffing can occur from any number of issues, even something as simple as an inexperienced roofer dropping tools all over metal roofing. This is why it is imperative that a highly qualified commercial roofing contractor be the one entrusted to make any necessary metal roofing repairs.



Because metal roofing materials are made of metal, they are susceptible to corrosion. This could happen because the roof wasn’t cooked properly or just because, over time, metal panels will weaken. It’s important to note weak spots and make necessary repairs as they are identified to maintain metal roofing durability.


Repair vs. Replace

It is necessary to make metal roofing repairs just like any other roof. And if done properly, small repairs made over time will lead to a long-lasting roof. But when the repairs begin to add up and can be costly, it may not be worth the hassle or cost any longer. If this is the case, it could be in your best interest to consider a total roof replacement. If you are unsure, an expert contractor at Certified Commercial Roofing can help discuss your options. For more information about metal roofing repairs or total roof replacement, contact us at Certified Commercial Roofing today for your free quote.

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